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When it’s time to bid on a project, you want to know your estimate is as accurate as possible to avoid any unwanted surprises down the line. We use top-of-the-line technology and estimation software to develop precise reports for our customers. When you receive an estimate from us, you can feel confident in the final product.


Our detailing team brings years of experience and are experts in the rebar fabrication and placement industry. Our team utilizes the latest detailing software in order to prepare shop drawings that allow for quick and accurate placement. 


Whatever the job, we have the tools and experience to fabricate, cut, bend, and tie custom rebar to your exact specifications. We understand that any issues with materials must be addressed immediately to avoid costly delays and we work hard to make sure your order is ready on time, every time.


We offer timely delivery so you can meet every deadline without the added hassle. On the job site or off-location, we’ll bring your order wherever you need it.


Once we deliver your custom order, we also offer placement services so you can rest assured everything is installed correctly. Working with us through the entire estimation, detailing, and fabrication process means we know your projects about as well as you do. We can place all rebar and rebar accessories to your exact specifications with confidence, knowing we’ve been with you from the beginning.

Why Choose Ozark Rebar & Construction Supplies?

Whatever the project, contractors should be able to rely on their suppliers to provide the correct materials quickly and cost-effectively. That’s why, at Ozark Rebar & Supplies, timely and reliable services come standard. 

Whether you’re a large contractor or a DIY-er, we’re dependable, devoted, and determined to be your preferred supplier of concrete reinforcement materials and construction supplies.

Simplify the Construction Process

At Ozark Rebar & Supplies, we’re dedicated to stocking and manufacturing all necessary construction materials and accessories so you can get started with just one transaction. You place the order, we handle the rest.